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Build a Social Networking Website from Scratch

Now we have reviewed tips on how to make a social network website from the viewpoint of organizing the method from analysis to deployment. This part will show you how to perceive tips on how to build a social network website from scratch from the technical facet of issues.
If you’re questioning how one can create a social networking site without spending a time, it’s potential because of free social media website builders like WordPress. This site can be utilized for easy blogs, neighborhood websites, and the only types of social



PHP Software Requirement

PHP Server

The PHP Community Provides Some types of Software Server solution under The GNU (General Public License).

These are the following:


  • WAMP Server
  • LAMP Server
  • MAMP Server
  • XAMPP Server



Download and Install WAMP Server

Click here to download WAMP Server

Download and Install LAMP Server

Click here to download LAMP Server

Download and Install MAMP Server

Click here to download MAMP Server

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PHP Advantage

If you are familiar with other server side language like ASP.NET or JSP you is probably wondering what makes PHP so special, or so one-of-a-kind from those competing options well, here are a few reasons:

Portability(Platform Independent)
Ease Of Use
Open Source
Third-Party Application Support
Community Support


Scripts written in PHP executives faster than those written in other scripting language, with numerous independent benchmarks, putting the language ahead of competing alternatives like JSP, ASP.NET and PERL.

The PHP 5.0 engine was completely redesigned with an optimized memory manager to improve performance, and is noticeable faster than previous

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