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Keywords prominence

Keywords prominence is one of the various important factors for search engine optimization. It means, your keywords should be at prominent area in content of your web pages. To make higher prominence, you need to keep your keywords close to HTML tags such as < b > or < strong>, < body > < meta tag >, < Title >, < p >, < br >, < i > or < em >.

By practicing this method



Keyword density

Keyword density is the percentage of times a keyword or phrase appears on a web page compared to the total number of words on the page. In the context of search engine optimization keyword density can be used as a factor in determining whether a web page is relevant to a specified keyword or keyword phrase.

Just because you have the right amount of keyword density in your SEO campaign, it means




Keywords are those specific words which are searched in a search engine. When you search any information on the web in any order, you open a search engine and write some keyword describing what you are looking for. At the other end, the search engine checks your desired keyword related information in its database and shows the results listing pages according to the words submitted. These words that are used to search anything called keywords or search terms. If you have used some



What is Spider

The term search engine spider can be used interchangeably with the term search engine crawler. A spider is a program that a search engine uses to seek out information on the World Wide Web, as well as to index the information that it finds so that actual search results appear when a search query for a keyword is entered. The search engine spider “reads” the text on the web page or collection of web pages, and records any hyperlinks it finds. The search engine spider then follows these URLs, spiders



How do search engines work?

The work of the search engine is divided into three stages, i.e., crawling, indexing, and retrieval.
This is the first step in which a search engine uses web crawlers to find out the webpages on the World Wide Web. A web crawler is a program used by Google to make an index. It is designed for crawling, which is a process in which the crawler browses the web and stores the information about the webpages visited by it in the form of an index.
So, the search engines have the web crawlers



PHP Software Requirement

PHP Server

The PHP Community Provides Some types of Software Server solution under The GNU (General Public License).

These are the following:


  • WAMP Server
  • LAMP Server
  • MAMP Server
  • XAMPP Server



Download and Install WAMP Server

Click here to download WAMP Server

Download and Install LAMP Server

Click here to download LAMP Server

Download and Install MAMP Server

Click here to download MAMP Server

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PHP Advantage

If you are familiar with other server side language like ASP.NET or JSP you is probably wondering what makes PHP so special, or so one-of-a-kind from those competing options well, here are a few reasons:

Portability(Platform Independent)
Ease Of Use
Open Source
Third-Party Application Support
Community Support


Scripts written in PHP executives faster than those written in other scripting language, with numerous independent benchmarks, putting the language ahead of competing alternatives like JSP, ASP.NET and PERL.

The PHP 5.0 engine was completely redesigned with an optimized memory manager to improve performance, and is noticeable faster than previous



Bihar Election 2020 |bihar election 2020 exit poll|bihar opinion poll 2020

Janata Dal(United) national vice president Prashant Kishor on Sunday contended that his birthday party, being the senior partner within the NDA in Bihar, need to contest greater seats than the BJP within the assembly election next yr.

The two parties had contested same wide variety of seats within the Lok Sabha elections this year.

“In my view, the Lok Sabha election formulation can not be repeated within the meeting polls,” Kishor told newspersons here.

He has within the latest beyond rankled the BJP with his continuous outbursts in opposition to the Citizenship Amendment

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